The Edna Sampson Benevolence Fund



Edna Sampson was my mother.  All of her life, she loved books and often read two in a single day.  She was a homemaker, cared for my brother, who was, in essence, a vegetable from the age of five months until age eighteen, when he passed away.  Reading brought her much joy.  She loved all kinds of books, and she loved the writers who wrote them and entertained her.

When she passed away, I wanted to honor her love for books and authors, so I started the benevolence fund and financial support for it.  A committee (I’m not on it) handles the requests for aid and the money.  They’re associated with Ancient City Romance Authors (ACRA).  Author, Elizabeth Sinclair (aka Marge Smith, former RWA national board member) heads the committee that collects and disburses funds.

In the past, the Fund has paid dues, conference fees, light bills and bought food and household goods after storm and/or fire destruction.  It does what it can, but funds are limited.

A few years ago, other writers began donating to the fund (thank you!) and the Fund has been able to help more writers in financial straits.

I don’t know the identities of the people the fund assists.  Only the committee is privy to that information.  I do know that they are not required to repay the fund for assistance, only asked that when they are able, they help others.

As always, there are more people who need help than there are funds to help them.  To that end, if you can donate to the Fund, that would be wonderful.
I’ve designed a T-shirt to help raise money for the fund.  It’s pictured above and ordering information is on the left.

If you’d help support the Fund and spread the word, I’d appreciate it.

With gratitude, and hopes that you and yours enjoy many…




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